Problem with patrol


uh yeah i think he’s fucked

“Get outta my town!”

"What are those on your hands? Mind if I take a look? "

If it’s Derkeethus, he’s fucked but immortal. If it’s the Dragonborn, the patrol is fucked. This is an awesome idea, I’m kinda surprised nobody’s done anything else like it before (that I’m aware of).

They didn’t use shermans in vietnam, but other than that it’s nice.

guns > swords and armor, man.

Feim Zii Gron.

Why not? US Army could use it from the Pacific conflict.

Get out of here stalker

“Give me a second guys, I gotta select my spells.
Might as well do some more inventory management while I’m here… I don’t need all of these potions.”

You do realise that the war in the pacific was a front/theatre in WW2… not it’s own war… right… and they didn’t use Sherman’s because they made the m48 patton (what was made specifically to replace the M4 Sherman).

It’s not exactly like a M48 Patton model is available for Gmod…

Next TES game- Dovakiin timewarps.

Notice the thompson and the M14s
this is obviously in the korean war.

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Doesn’t justify BAR tho

Thompsons were in Vietnam and so were BARs

I’m pretty sure they didn’t used the Mitchell camo on their helmet either.

itt: history debate on gmod pose

at least it’s not a gun debate

I’m gonna get my ass handed to me for this,