Problem with pills

Hey, i had a zombie pill for a class but it didnt work…

  1. Can someone tell me how to make a pill for a zombie, with claw attacks and it makes you look like

  2. How do you make it so that it works in DarkRP/entities/weapons ???

(The reason i wanted to put it in the weapons folder of darkrp entities is cause thats the only way I know of
to use them in classes)


6 views, no replies, come on guys

  1. Learn LUA and write a code yourself.
  2. It works if you are doing it right.

wow not helpful at all…

  1. Where do I learn lua??? I know C++ and a shitload of other code languages so its kinda easy to edit the code guessing how its supposed to be and getting it right :stuck_out_tongue: but i cant create code