Problem with PlayerCanPickupWeapon, maybe bug?

Hello, I am working on deathmatch gamemode. Simple thing.

I do spawn with luacode weapons on gm_construct. I did also respawn for this random weapon on same position if there is no weapon anymore (because someone took it).

So I use like so:

function GM:PlayerCanPickupWeapon( player, entity )
	--If a weapon is taken he needs to respawn after time
	if IsValid(player) and IsValid(entity) then
		if entity:GetNWBool("Taken") == false then
			entity:SetNWBool("Taken", true)
			local spawnpos = entity:GetNWVector("Spawnpos")
			table.insert(wep_respawncheck_list, {spawnpos, CurTime() + 3})
			print("take<<<<", player, entity, spawnpos)

	return true 

It works perfect.

But Problem is this. The Player spawns with pistole. So the function above get calls if player get loadout with pistole. So queue list “wep_respawncheck_list” gets a Spawnpos what does not exists (ofc because the pistol spawned with the player together)

So I have no idea why this is like so. I don’t also know alternatives… =/

There’s no way around this. The best you can do is just check how long the player’s been alive.