Problem with PostDrawHUD hook

Hello, dear Facepunch users. I have a very dumb question, i think. But please help me:

The problem is: when i creating a simple script like:

drawsmthnow = true

hook.Add("PostDrawHUD", "STMTHLIKEHUD", function() 
if drawsmthnow == true then
draw.RoundedBox(2, 0, 0, 100, 100, Color(0, 0 ,0, 255))

this black box appears only when i change lua file, but why? Why not righ after join?

if drawsmthnow == true then

you don’t need this, using

if drawsmthnow then

will already evaluate if ‘drawsmthnow’ is 1.

make sure you put it in the right place like autorun etc

use avast

Thanks a lot!