Problem with Props from other games

Hey! I have proplem with props from games. I bought L4D2 and props from this is not added to my Garry’s Mod 13? Why? Everything is original, bought in steam.

Sorry for my language, i’m from Polish…

Providing that you HAVE bought the games in Steam, open Garry’s Mod and on the main menu, click the controller at the bottom right. This should allow you to select L4D2 to use props

Do what djj said. If that doesn’t work try launching Left 4 Dead 2 first. It should work then.

Be warned that some of the L4D2 stuff is broken in GMod.

How to: In gmod main menu at the bottom right you should see a little controller icon, click that and search around for L4D2 and once you find it, check the box and restart gmod. Then your finished :slight_smile:

You don’t need to restart GMod, you only need to restart the map.