Problem with putting maps in addon format

I’m trying to finish a map I started a couple weeks ago. What I did was change textures, different skybox, better lighting, etc. I went to put my map in addon format and when I loaded the map my custom texture wasn’t showing even though I put the materials in the folder. I’ve also made a map icon which shows as purple and black. The files are here if you want to look at them:

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

You may have included the wrong textures, made the directory in the .vmt incorrect by moving them or it may just be glitching.

Double check you’ve got the right textures and post the texture’s .vmts here.

Your material files are wrong and “gm_buildinggrounds_v2_beta.vtf” will not open. Post the original images and tell what you need them for and I can make them properly for you.

Image for preview in map selection.

A map texture to show that I made the map

The texture that was used in the map works in HL2: D because that’s the game that I chose when making the texture.

I got the map icon working but I don’t know where you had the other texture when you applied it to your map so I can’t get that to work. Let me know where that was and I can get it working or post or PM me the vmf map file and I will fix that texture for you.