Problem with recompiling!

I have recompiled models from valve that I use in my map, I have changed textures and stuff like that. But now I want to scale up a knife model, w_knife_gut.mdl, but I have run into a problem with the texture. It says in the QC file that it will use two textures, and when I open the model in modelviewer after compile it find the two textures. The problem is there is somehow a third texture that it cannot find, it is not in the folders the QC file tells me the texture files are located. Also if I open the normal gut knife model in modelviewer there is only two textures and not a third missing.

MDLTextureInfo report this:
Texture 1 - " phy.vmt" <-- notice the space in the beginning, wtf?
Texture 2 - “knife_gut.vmt”
Texture 3 - “knife_phy.vmt”

The first texture should not be there at all I guess, I wonder why it is.

EDIT: The model is black in modelviewer and hammer.

Thnx in advance,

The third texture is most likely present on the physics model. You don’t actually need it. The blackness is probably caused by something else. Try flipping clamp s and t on the original textures to see if it does anything.

Im a real noob on textures and vtf files, but I guess I should open the texture in VTFEdit and change something, the problem is I get error that the texture is version 7.5 and VTFEdit only supports 7.1-7.4 :confused: I really need this knife scaled up 5x in my map :slight_smile:

edit it with notepad instead.

I tried open it in notepad++ and it was just a bunch of codes I did not understand :smiley: Anyway, I opened the SMDs in blender and noticed that the black thing I see in modelviewer and hammer is the collision model and not the knife model, maybe i can just remove the collision smd somehow because I dont really need it to be solid.

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Okey a moderator can lock this now, I fixed the problem. Somehow the decompiler mixed up the names betwean collision model and normal model so I just renamed both smd files and it worked. Thanks for the fast and friendly replies! :smile:

Make sure you’re using the latest version of VTFEdit. I’m pretty sure the latest version is 1.3.3, if I’m remembering correctly.