Problem with rigging models in 3ds Max

I’m trying to move some vertices around to fit the bone structure, but the skin modifier isn’t sticking with the body position of the editable poly modifier. Also, the bones don’t move when I compare the two.

Here’s a crappy gif.

Is there a way to get the skin modifier to go with where the editable poly moves the vertices or do I have to restart the whole rig?

Export it into SMD and rexport back
Or tick view end result (should work fine)

It’s due to how the stack works mostly.

So, there’s no way to have the body in the skin modifier to be the same as the one in the editable poly modifier? The body is positioned correctly in the edit poly modifier, but the skin modifier is fucking it up.

Oh well in that case you can export it without the skin modifier in the correct position and then reimport it.
Should stop bugging up.There’s probably a more elegant way, but this works.

Thanks! It works perfectly.