Problem with rust website

hello facepunch studios there is a problem with your website that i think was a bug. i opened it op in google chrome and i took a while to open up, when it did i got the message "you have been banned"and i havent even bought a key let alone logged in to the site.

I am experiencing the same issue with google crome, it takes forever to load and tells me I’m banned but when i tried to log in on IE it works just fine.

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I revise my last statement it is now coming up with just the background and a perpetually turning blue gear in the top right hand corner on IE. Also still says I’m banned on google crome.

I too have the same problem and I never play games that I buy ais soirn so yesterday I had not the time for play and now I’m banned bah

Sorry for my english im french!

Comfirmed i play it and now cant access it on google chrome

Tried it with Chrome, FF and Opera same answer for each browser.

Anyone knows if they are working on this?

I’m getting a big error 522 from the website hosting company itself saying the website is down.

Wonder if its another DDOS attack? :frowning:

same here

I just get “Error 522 Ray ID: b71b06f9b7c05b5” :s

I now get a DNS error from the server:/ well at least something has changed i guess…

Yeah I also get the “Error 1001, CloudFlare Ray ID: b71e1af894d05bb”
Just have to be patient I guess! Would be nice with some information from the devs tho.

i got : offline: website = offline