Problem with saves

Hello. I’ve had some problem with saves. They work, but once I build something, save it and load the save, all the props are untouchable. I mean I can touch them when I step on them, but if I want some other prop touch them, they aren’t even coliding. Also, I can’t use any tool on them. Only thing that happens is some message in console. Any way to fix that? (I use Gmod 11)

I didn’t know that this would happen, so I was building a house for 3 hours, and when I almost had it done, I messed up the roof, so I loaded the save I did just before making the roof and suprise… I can’t do anything. That was really a lot of work so I appreciate any help.

Saves don’t work. Try suiciding then try again.

Instead of saves, use advanced duplicator.

It comes with wire, which is obtainable via SVN.
A nice tutorial for it can be found here.

Yeah… very helpful, Whosdr -.-

Btw. I think that I found where the problem is. I need to touch every prop with my gravity gun, to make the prop mine. But there is hell of the props now. Is there a way to make all props on the map mine with one (or some) clicks?

I can’t really use advanced duplicator in this case. First of all, I built this house exactly on the concrete base in the middle of the flatgrass map. Can dupe make it appear exactly in the same place each time I want it to be there?
I think that next time I will use adv. duplicator though…

Saves are shit. Get Adv Dupe

Ok, well as we are speaking of it… What is SVN? :smiley: (I’m newbie)

Its on too

but seriousely, what’s SVN? I saw a lot of people talking about it. I have no idea what it is :smiley:

Its a system that downloads masses of data.
Download an SVN system. I use auto svn for garrysmod. Most people use tortoisesvn
Get a URL (
Create a folder on desktop called phx3
Right click
SVN Checkout
Enter URL

Who would have wanted an easier system.


In other words… Its a fast downloader for addons

It’s a cool thing. Can You give me some source of SVN system based downloads? There is some stuff in the tutorial, You gave me the link to, but just a few though.

And one more last thing: Is there a way I could make all the props on the map mine with one click?

To answer some of your previous questions:

There is an option when pasting in adv dupe to paste your creating in the same exact spot it was in when you saved it.

SVN is explained in the tutorial:

And no, I don’t think you can make them all yours with one click.