Problem with SDK

I have big problem with my hammer …

Screen :

I can’t charge rp_rockford_v1b.vmf

Thank’s for your help :slight_smile:

try to resize the view window ? You dont have any grid nor 3d view.

I have already tried but it does not walk…

Help pliz ! :frowning: give that a try but make sure you back up

Ok thank’s you, i try ^^

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Not work …

What game configuration are you using ?

I make “source MP” and game = Garry’s mod.
I configurate gmod for me.

Launch hammer from the games bin folder. Do not use the SDK Launcher valve made.

Ok I go try sorry for the time … ^^"

Before you attempt to edit the map do a full compile 1st just to check there are no errors in the vmf to begin with :slight_smile: