Problem with Server.cfg

Everything on the server is working as it should.
But, i dont know what the hell is going on, the server name is always “Garry´s mod”
Could you tell me what is wrong?

hostname “FG1944rp Beta Cerrada”
sv_defaultgamemode “cw1944”
sv_lan “0”
sv_kickerrornum “0”
maxplayers “20”
sbox_allownpcs “0”
sbox_maxprops “175”
sbox_maxragdolls “0”
sbox_maxnpcs “1”
sbox_maxballoons “10”
sbox_maxeffects “1”
sbox_maxdynamite “2”
sbox_maxlamps “5”
sbox_maxthrusters “25”
sbox_maxwheels “20”
sbox_godmode “0”
sbox_plpldamage “0”
sbox_playergod “0”
sbox_noclip “1”
sbox_maxhoverballs “25”
sbox_maxvehicles “1”
sbox_maxbuttons “15”
rcon_password “nigger”

Thats the server.cfg
I just noticed it says “maxplayer 20” but the server marks it as 32.

May it using a secret cfg?
The path of this one

Any help will be rewarded with wisdom.

Did you put server.cfg in your autoexec.cfg? Also, snip your rcon_password, people can use that.

It´s a fake one, don´t worry

and what do you mean by putting it on the autoexec?

LUL racist much lol

if the hostname and maxplayers arent changing it probably means the server config isnt loading
you can try two things

  1. make the server execute a different config when it launches,
    ie rename this one to something else then add this to the command line

+exec configtoexecute.cfg

  1. you can also try forcing the server to use a different config file (instead of the server.cfg file) with

+servercfgfile configtoexecute.cfg

however this is assuming you are using SRCDS
if you arent just type ‘exec configtoexecute.cfg’ in console while in the main menu, then launch the listen server

I talked to him over Steam, the problem is solved.