Problem with server listing


I just rented a Rust legacy server from Clanforge.

Setup etc was no problem. Can connect via net.connect

But the problem is that the server doesnt show up in the server list. I dont even see it in history or when friends are playing (the tab friends are empty).

My friends experiences the same problem. I have been in contact with the Clanforge support.

They sad It could be due to the fact that some of their IP got blacklisted?

Where can I check this? I think that this shouldnt be my problem.

I also have this problem.
I’m trying to run a server from my vds and hosting.
And also my server is not visible in the list.

I was having trouble with my server not showing up after a wipe reinstall. Come to find out that my gsp was having trouble with its control panel and it was not doing a complete wipe so they did a manual wipe and it appeared.

1 the server was totally new.
2 I have wiped it once, still no go.