Problem with server, not showing up on master list.

Title pretty much says it all. The server won’t show up on the master server list, only the LAN list. I’ve port forwarded all the ports you’re supposed to:

UDP Any -> 1200
UDP Any -> 27000-27014
TCP Any -> 27015
UDP Any -> 27015
TCP Any -> 27020-27050
UDP Any -> 27020

Any help/guesses is very much appreciated.


Yes it’s stupid but it happens :wink:

sv_lan 0 in Dedi console does nothing. :confused:

You’ve got to specify this in the server.cfg.
You simply add this line:

"sv_lan" "0"

Little backstory: Was working fine maybe 1-2 weeks ago. “sv_lan” “0” has always been in the server.cfg

Edit: Problem fixed, was forwarding to the wrong IP. Silly me.