Problem with servers

Hi all, i play in the server US West Coast down since yesterday. When this server is down i try enter in another server of west coast(Sleepers) and now is down too…
I´m spanish and when entering in europe central server is laggy… all times.

What do i do? I dont have notice from dev team to how the servers is up!

I tried to join the German Server but all i get is a blackscreen. Are they getting DDoSed again?

I dont know what is the problem but the dev team should say that this happening and when the server will return because players can get mad, restless, etc

We hope the development team response

most likely they are being ddosed, and the devs seems careless about it, all we can do it sit and wait.

i dont know. Why all servers is up, except West coast?? And why dont say nothing the dev team? u.u

east coast has been going down randomly so cant say its just west