Problem with setting up a Listen Server

Alright… So… I’ve been trying to set up my own server…
Regardless of my extremely horrible router, I have tried opening the ports required by the game…

I’ve tried using the 27015-ports, as well.
Please help me! : )

27015 is the main port which is the only one i opened to host my listen server. Make sure you have that and also disable windows firewall that messed things up. And are you sure the ip you put in the private ip box is yours for your pc?

that looks like a cool easy program to open ports

care to share on what it is?
i went to, i have a program but it says ITS NOT FREE
and it makes me pay, but when i hit cancel it continues
and i dont know how to use it, and it doesnt look like the screenie

U need ports: 27015 - 27020, 27005, 1200,27039 ALL open TCP and UDP otherwise u fail…

I also need help doing so. This shit is complicated for nothing.

It’s just how it works.