Problem with Sky Textures

Idk why but my sky is all messed up…

your computer must be bad so it is lagging hard

He’s using Bandicam, which really isn’t meant for recording games. Even so, his resolution is tiny.

Also, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a bug that should be looked into - even though he didn’t really provide enough information for the developers to look into it.

Somebody needs to buy a newer potato to record with

Its not my recorder, thats actually how it does in my game without the recorder…

The skybox didn’t load or something, so you’re getting the hall of mirrors effect. This shit’s been happening in 3D games since Doom. (noclip through the walls and look at untextured void in Doom, the renderer will freak out like this).

Maybe you should try to clean your browser’s cach and launch the game again after that ?

hai postal

Exactly, and it still happens to this day. Noclip out of the map in any Source engine game and you’ll see the exact same thing. It’s because they rely on the sky to overwrite the image for them, but if the sky is not present then those colors are just written to over and over again without being cleared, causing that effect.

maybe not using internet explorer could help…i suggest firefox

If all else fails, you could take things to a new, drastic level and do a system restore to the last point that this error wasn’t present.