Problem with Spiked Walls

I was placing some spiked walls around my base yesterday and noticed that sometimes I wasnt able to place the spiked wall even though the object had been glowing green before attempting to place it.
Is this going to be fixed or will I just have to live with. Also, why is this happenning?

Another problem I just experienced – it let me put a spiked wall up against my house, now I can’t add a wall or pillars near where I placed it. If that was going to happen, it shouldn’t have let me put the spiked so close. Now my house is foobar.

just chop it down, guy

Well here my bug you can place them close to rock and let them fly! :smiley: fly my beloved spike fly!

They will only block foundations from being placed in the next patch (already done)

and its FUBAR not Foobar!

Get a grip.

I am a software developer, not a military officer. Foobar = FUBAR.

same with me :frowning:

Skeezeh, as the poster about mentioned, chop it down. I had to have a stack of medkits on me and some food to keep from dying while doing it and I had to do it for 5 spiked walls all around my house – oy, the wasted wood, but I could at least keep building. I am guessing Helk’s fix requires a server update as well now that placing structures has a server side check now.

(And CrunchNomNom, get bent with your Dumb tag. Who asked you?)

Da hast du Recht, ich finde diese Spitzfindigkeiten auch furchtbar. :wink: