Problem with startup, Everything goes big and fails.

Hey, Yeah I have had Gmod about a year now and this only happened today eventhough I was playing yestoday ;l when I load gmod from steam it loads but everything is like blown up or got bigger like my mouse is like half an inch on the screen o.o it’s the same with CSS… it will get to where it says “Serverside” Or something like that then the screen will go black but I can still control the rather large mouse but it does not do anything… I am new to Facepunch and I don’t use forums at all so I’m sorry if I have broken any rules.

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop (Gmod worked until today and I’m not sure of the specs sorry D:)

Change your resolution in options>video on the main menu

It doesn’t Even let me get to the menu

In that case look at all the old threads. There’s a solution to your problem somewhere. It shows you how to change graphic settings before starting up Gmod.

I know it will take awhile but that’s all the help I can give

Okay thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah, That Didn’t help ;l

Yeah, This issue still isn’t resolved… Help someone?

Try running it in safe mode
right click gmod on steam goto properties then Set Launch Options and put: -safe in there click OK then see if you can get it to the main menu atleast.

I’m having the exact same problem, Gmod worked before, didn’t install anything new addons after the update.

Try verifying you files again.

Right I managed to resolve it guys, okay if you have the lauch code -dxlevel 81 remove it from your launch option then boot up and it will work… (Well it did with mine)