Problem with TF2 Taunt

Whenever I taunt with the primary or secondary weapon, the left hand appears to be stuck to the right hand, but when I taunt with melee, the taunt works perfectly. I have no idea what the problem is here. I compiled the model into 3D studio max without any problems, rigged and animated without a problem, and when I compiled I didn’t get any errors. Also the animation looks fine in the model viewer.

Here’s a video of the bug, and the video below is the taunt I made.


It looks like it’s being blended with the gestures for those weapons (the way movement animations are). Posting the block that defines the animations in the .QC would be helpful.

$modelname "player/scout_animations.mdl"

$includemodel "player/scout_animations2.mdl"

$include "sharedbones.qci"

$sequence taunt06 "taunt06" fps 30.00 {
{ event AE_WPN_HIDE 0 }
{ event AE_WPN_UNHIDE 80 }

This is how my .QC file looks like, also I am not really sure if I created the sharedbones.qci file the right way. I just went to
sourcesdk_content f\modelsrc\player\scout\scripts and renamed the scout_definebones.qci file to sharedbones.qci