Problem with the cars on the server

Hello people. I post this topic because I can not solve this problem, The problem is that when I brake car with some, not all, but that the server crash, Specifically srcds

a people had already managed to fix this bug, but I’m more in touch with him, its for his I ask you a

I have a file that create MDMP

Here is the report |

memusage( 15 % )
totalPhysical Mb(15999.49)
freePhysical Mb(13569.15)
totalPaging Mb(18175.49)
freePaging Mb(15600.04)
totalVirtualMem Mb(4095.88)
freeVirtualMem Mb(3554.11)
extendedVirtualFree Mb(0.00)

Process Memory
WorkingSetSize Mb(48.88)
QuotaPagedPoolUsage Mb(0.24)
QuotaNonPagedPoolUsage: Mb(0.02)
PagefileUsage: Mb(57.15)

Paged Pool
prev PP PAGES: used: 0, free 0
final PP PAGES: used: 0, free 0
memallocfail? = 0
Active: inactive SpawnCount 0 MapLoad Count 0
Error count 0, end demo 0, abort count 0

ConVars (non-default)

var value default
‘180’ ‘65’
‘1’ ‘-1’
‘1’ ‘0’
‘Garry’s Mod’ ‘’
‘0’ ‘1’
‘256’ ‘64’
‘0’ ‘1’
‘0’ ‘1’
‘0’ ‘1’

This is the only thing that creates them to tell me the error, but what I was told long ago that the people had a successful fix this bug, told me that it was the missing file in the server, but I did several times an update to see her but still this bug

Sorry for my English but I am French base so I hope my English is correct.


Which game-mode are you running?

It’s a perp change