Problem with the client on Steam used for Rust. (Joining server issues)

Before i used to have problems connecting to the Unity web player after buying the alpha due to hardware specs. Personally my fault, I am still currently using the same specs but now the game is on steam.

I loaded up steam installed rust, The game loaded up just fine, however when i went to join a server it didn’t work. There was no “play” button to join a specific server, so i headed over to and it said specifically you have to “you need to double click to join a server” so i did this, still couldn’t join, i must have double clicked it over 1000 times, all that happened was that after a short while of clicking on a server the white highlight would disappear. This continued to happen over and over again, i kept changing the quality, the size of the client etc. and still nothing. Maybe this is due to my hardware specs, but i hope when i get my new gaming Pc this will not occur any longer.

Note: This happened on every server i tried to join, nothing happened at all.