Problem with the light from flashlight and other players carring torches.

Hey all.
i have a problem with the light from the flashlight and torches.

When im using the flashlight its all black in the middle, its a black square, about 15x15 cm.

When others are using flashligt or torches its all black untill im standing real near them in curtain angles.

Can anybody help me? i tried update my driver and verify the game cache and i tried re-installing the game?

1- go to rust launch options and add this.
-force-d3d11 -force-feature-level-11-1 -force-driver-type-warp -popupwindow

2- go into your graphics card control panel and force 2x Anti-Alaising
depending on your gfx card it could be either force or override
but just make sure 2x AA is on

fixed it for me. GL

same. up