Problem with the second account.

well i had an account, and i got banned.
so i bought another account and when ever im going to the playrust website the banned account still logged in.
but i can get out so its ok, how can i disable that account?
can your garry remove it?

I am not sure if this is what you are talking about, but try removing cookies and saved passwords.

If you are using IE or chrome, use Firefox. The game doesn’t sit well with either of those browsers.

Try this

every time i refresh the other account comes back.

Where the hell do people get the money to just buy multiple keys when getting banned… Why would you even play the game if you are banned…

my other account was from the open alpha.

So you were banned for inactivity, or for stupidity?

I think we’re gonna have to call this one stupidity.

Good luck with th… Who am I kidding…
I hope you end up buying 5 keys and get banned every time…

This community does not need players like you.

i bought just 1