Problem with the spawnmenu

I have been having this problem with the spawn menu each time I start a game,
eaither joining a multiplayer session or making a new Singleplayer or loading a save, it keeps returning.

What happens is that the menu sections gets glitched, the entire right section with the diffarent spawn tabs and the spawn buttons themselves seem to be glitched out of the screen or something like so, as seen in the upper-right corner of the screen above.
the other section, one with all the tools and such, seem to be forever open, and can only be accessable by holding TAB or alike to get a crusor on the screen.

I’ve allready cleaned up maps and addons, reinstalled and defragged, decreased the visuals and changed aspect ratio diffarently and back to normal.
I got absolutly no idea on how to fix this, Im in serious need of help.

The only errors that I see is 3 yellow Lua errors, Two of which are a “ToolToggle” or something in Sandbox folder in gamemodes, and the other one is a error from a file in lua directory, includes/extentions or something as far as I can remember.

Please help, Im stuck with this for a very long time and I got no idea what to do.

Delete your gamemodes folder. since the lua error says it’s a sandbox error. this’ll reset the original sandbox files. this should fix your problem

I allready have done this, What happens is that I got stuck with absolutly no folder, and it kept running.
I ended up asknig for a friend to give me his Sandbox gamemode file, still dident work.

did you try reinstalling garry’s mod?

Delete all your garrysmod folders. Move all of your addons and maps.

Thanks alot, Once I did that without re-placing the addons and Maps, the game worked fine.
All I need to do now is just browse through all the stuff in Maps and Addons to figure out what does this.

As far as Im concerned, its fixed, thanks alot Fury.