Problem with Tool Gun

I hope this be the right section… well yeah today i was playing garry mod as usual, i spawned some props from Sonic mod after i did that suddendly my tool gun did was not avaidable anymore to use it :S

how can i get my tool gun back to work?? i tried deleting that addon but did not worked

EDIT: i can use the tool gun but only after i press the Q for the menu … i cant select the toolgun by the weapons categories :S what is the problem there? :C

did anyone knows how to fix this problem?

is very annoying … i can not select my tool gun from the weapon categories >.<

i already re-installed gmod , deleted whole addons… and nothing …

is this a problem with lua or somehting like that ???


so is that only way?? to reformat whole PC?? …


Yeah, this happened to me, a Main Drive Format fixed it!

i see well okay if there no other choise … and think that this happened cause a stupid old model prop spawn -.-

When do i shoot myself?

When soem random guy told you.

EDIT: Btw, shoot yourself. :3