Problem with tools

I’m having major problem on single-player where none of my tools will work with the world, after searching around i found it was the bridge stool v2 that caused it for me, yet only 1 other person i know of has the same problem. first, why is it only me and him are affected by this problem and second can anyone figure out a way for me to fix it without completely deleting and reinstalling g-mod. I’ve tried reinstalling g-mod and transferring my files over to new g-mod folder, and clicked replace everything hoping it would fix the problem still nothing. please help :frowning:

So, you are saying that your STools don’t work online?

they work online but i enjoy messin around on singleplayer for majority of time and none of my tools will work for the world, online they are fine i think becaause game auto redownloads for the online servers, but for singleplayer they only will work on props and other objects,ragdolls, npcs,and other nonworld objects