Problem with Toybox! Logging in Steam, Patience blah blah...

Hello guys!

Well i have this same problem as many others… My Toybox isn’t working.
I checked all my firewall/antivirus etc. settings, that none them are blocking Gmods connection.
Still i get this “Be patience…” Well no! After 2 f*king hours of waiting :smiley: No, i don’t wanna be patient.
I got this game as a gift from my friend via Steam… Could that be the problem, that i can’t connect Toybox?

I would be very VERY thankful, if someone can help me :confused:

Same problem have me and my friends.

Garry removed toybox to replace it with a new steam workshop thing. On his blog it said “removed toybox”

Okay… I wonder when we have this new… Thingie?

When GMod 13 is out.