Problem with uClip !

So, I just added uClip to my server, as anti noclip to world and other’s props was the icing on the cake for it to be finished. Everything worked fine, well, actually too good. When I tried noclipping through a building in gm_bigcity, I couldn’t. Well, that was fine, but the problem was: I got stuck to the building itself, and had to hold space until i flew off the top of the building. Long story short, the problem is this: When noclipping through world, I get stuck on the wall like spiderman. Only less cool. D:

Anyone know what I can do with this? or what the problem may be?
(I use Simple Prop Protection)

This is an issue with the new noclip system (GMod Update 65)
Last time I checked, the uClip creator(s) are working on a fix.
In the mean time, hold tight.

uClip Thread

Oh, okay. Thank you :smiley: