Problem with ulx


I have a problem with ulx, I have a error, look this picture please :

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Make sure your ULX is updated and how can we reproduce the error?

Yes my ulx is updated, but, in chargement ulx i have this :


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Look this :

No it’s not.
You’re using ulx version 3.6.1 and ulib version 2.5.1
While the latest versions are 3.6.2 and 2.6.0
Make sure to update ulx through Github

First, make sure you are running the latest version of ULX and ULib from Github here:

Second, your error is likely coming from “ulx_sv_mysql.lua”, which is not a part of standard ULX. Check where that plugin came from, and go there for further support. (Or at least let us know which plugin it is).

Try using Exsto or Moderator instead, they’re natively MySQL compatible.

I have this version (.exe)

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Is it possible to create a ULX file and put everything in its files?

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No work with this :

and this :

Youre doing it wrong then

I note have the vgui, but i have slay, jail, i tested in console, i go to bed

I need help

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My game is installed in cd E: