Problem with US West Coast?

Anyone else not able to log in???

yeah think it crashed again


The Australian server isn’t working either.

maybe it´s being DDos´d

Probably, the wipe must have angered some people.

They wiped everything??

Supposedly yes, They left blueprints and inventory but I don’t know personally since I play on West.

I’m on the UK server and every house and object is wiped.
I only had my inventory when I logged in.

It seems like its always happening to West Coast…

The Aussie one I don’t think was wiped. The only thing I found missing was my campfire. xD

French server is down almost 12 hours per day we can’t even play 1 hours without crash i hope they will fix it because it the 3nd day in a row …

It’s down 12 hours per day? We’re monitoring the server and the downtime is max. 1 hour per day. Sometimes we have to restart it manually, so hey, give us some time. All crashes are reported to the devs, they will fix it.

I play on west too. Honestly I wouldn’t even mind the wipes as long as blueprints were kept. It’s nice to be able to start on a fresh server and not have all the abandoned buildings everywhere.

The server was wiped 3-4 days ago, it’s pretty fresh. So in another 4 days you’d have abandoned buildings everywhere again. They really need a bigger map, or have resources spawn in the parts of the map that are away from the main road.

Yeah, I completely agree

12 hours per day it a exemple but every night at quebec time it down for like 3-6h

Going on 5 hours now that the server has been down with no word about it. This would not be a big deal if the sleeper thing hadn’t been forced on to all servers with no warning. When it comes back up I’ll be “sleeping” in the middle of a hotspot.

Yeah I play on US West - Sleepers and it is down too… or it just isn’t letting me on. Can someone check?