Problem with using hamachi for server

Ok so before I always used hamachi for making a server so a friend of mine can play. Well now it seems to be acting weird, what it does is we can make the server fine but when we join our servers, our server crashes and some times even the game. What can the problem be?

The problem can be conflicting addons. Try it with no addons once and if that does not work, let someone else host.

Your friend doesn’t happen to have a pirated version of Garry’s Mod, does he? Why host with hamachi instead of just opening a few ports?

No he dosen’t have a pirated version. I have tried the opening ports thing and that still didn’t work.

  1. Turn off your firewall and add the ports to it
  2. Turn off your antivirus (even ant-spyware)
  3. Make sure that your router is configured properly, that the ports are opened for YOUR local ip.

Try again :slight_smile:

opening ports leaves your computer very vulnerable to hacks.

hamachi allows you to do this without opening ports. its basically like connecting 2 computers together directly. if you know anything about networking you would understand what a VPN is.

Thank you for mentioning that, but I know a lot about networking and I understand what a VPN is.

I just forgot to mention that he should try creating a game without hamachi as well to see if it still crashes (technically it should still crash, but I’m exploring every option available here).

I know exactly what you are talking about, but people often DO use hamachi to to play pirated games; that’s a fact. Most people don’t use it for security.

Not everyone is familiar with hamachi which is a giant downside to hosting a server with it. People have to be in the same network as you to join your game and therefore it is not as crowded unless you really advertise (eg by posting network name + password and asking people to join).

If you just want to play with your friends in a private online session: Use hamachi
If you want your server to be recognized online + allow it to be found by pretty much anyone in the server list, don’t use hamachi.

So in the end it’s up to each and every one of us to decide whether opening up a few ports and therefore decreasing the security is worth the extra players or not.

Rated your post informative since you corrected my mistake, thank you for pointing it out!

if you knew anything about vpn/hamachi, you would know hamachi is considered a new interface and can be firewalled just as well by the hosts windows firewall/antivirus/etc

You speak the truth, but don’t fuel the fire.

Keep it civil, please.

Snapping back at him like that does not get you anywhere.

i was using the platinum rule: do unto someone as they do unto others :wink:

Interesting rule, too bad that it fails miserably :stuck_out_tongue:

If we just taunt, flame and troll each other all the time nothing good can come of anything.

Nevertheless, I understand exactly what you mean.

way off topic here but lets finish the thought. i said it in that way so he would know next time before he should be judgmental in his wording he should be understanding that not everyone knows everything. no one likes being talked down to.

I see, well then I guess you speak the truth.