Problem with VMT's and VTFs

I basically managed to compile one of my models into Source, the scale is okay, as well as the collisions, however, I’m having some trouble as to where my VTF’s and VMT’s should go, everytime i load my model in Gmod it just has a weird, purple, checkerboard texture, i’ve been trying the whole week to fix this myself, but to no result. Some help would be very much appreciated ^^

It works like this:
The names of the materials on the model = the names of the VMTs.
The $cdmaterials path = the path from garrysmod/materials.
The $basetexture path = the path to the VTF, also relative from garrysmod/materials.


To get this model into Gmod I would need to add a $cdmaterials:

$cdmaterials models/WWII/Vehicles/USA/

Place the VMT in the matching folder:


And give it the path to the VTF

	$basetexture "models/WWII/Vehicles/USA/U_STUART_CHASSIS_D.vtf"

Should the VTF’s also be in the materials folder?

The VTFs should be in the path specified by the $basetexture.

	$basetexture "models/mymodel/mytexture.vtf"


So for the example above:

	$basetexture "models/WWII/Vehicles/USA/U_STUART_CHASSIS_D.vtf"


Should the VMT’s be in the same folder as the model?
(sorry I suck so hard at this XD)

The VMTs must be in the $cdmaterials folder, the VTFs must be in the $basetexture folder.

It didn’t work… i remade everything and I’m still getting no textures, but i noticed something, Crowbar isn’t compiling it to my Garrys Mod folder, so i’m moving it manually, is this normal or should i try to use another compiler? Can this mess up the VMT’s?

No, they’re not affected by that. Just make sure the model is in the garrysmod folder and materials also are in the garrysmod folder.