Problem with voice chat

I realized over the last couple of days that my voice chat in game stopped working, I know this isn’t a problem with my headset because I’ve tested it with Skype and it worked perfectly, not really sure what’s going on or how to fix it. So far I’ve tried changing the key bindings for the voice chat, and that didn’t work, so any suggestions would be nice. :smiley:


I know I have found if I start Rust with my headset disconnected an connect during play it will not work until I restart. Actually any modification to any of my audio components while running rust have cause either sound or mic to stop working until I restart Rust. I don’t think Rust fully likes plug-n-play devices

also have this problem on linux client… I use steam group chat at same time and that works, while voice in game doesnt. Tried changing keybind and my headset is always plugged in.

Razer Megalodon headset

The headset I use is Astro A40s.

When you log in, press F1 and check if it says the input that your Astros are in. If it doesn’t say that, there’s a possibility it’s not using that port for some reason, and may be just a change in defaults on the PC.

Everyone make sure that the headset you use is the default microphone in you’re control panel, that was my issue.

Bought a pair of wireless headphones with built in microphone, they work fine in all games except rust… It’s a very strange issue. The volume goes up and down. I’m running Xubuntu 13.10 and the brand is “Rapoo”, works fine with my built-in soundcard, it’s only rust doing this and only when I use the wireless headset. Have anyone experienced similar problems and have a solution or any idea what it might be?