Problem with Wallworm 3dsmax 2013 Importer

I’m trying to change the legs of a CSS player model, using Milkshape always screws up the weights (fuck you Milkshape) so I am now trying to use 3dsmax.

Whenever I import a model with Wallworm, it does it like this

so, what are you trying to say is wrong? I see a imported model

I think he’s possible mean it’s importing it all as one mesh seeing as it looks like it in his photo with the selection box around said model, if that is the problem i know wallworm has an option for that cause i had that problem with titanfall models so i went into the setting of wallworm then after awhile i found it but sadly i am no help to tell you where it is or what it’s named lol cause i can’t remember as i haven’t used it in a long time but i just thought i’d let you know that.

copy the SKIN modifier, select the mesh go into element select. then select the legs and DELETE them.
find whatever new legs you want make sure it has a zero transform.
If you dont know what that is, make sure your legs are positioned/sized whatever.
Then export the new legs to wavefront OBJ and re-import it, it’ll have a nulled transform at that point.

select your new legs and paste on the SKIN modifier you copied earlier to transfer old weight data.

cycling through different 3D programs, milkshape, 3dsmax, blender won’t help. Just chose a editor, read some tutorials and learn up on editing using that.

What are you doing??
On the seemingly down there was a tutorial about resetting transforms/scales
select your new legs and paste on the SKIN modifier you copied earlier to transfer old weight data.
Which essentially says to go to the hierarchy tab with the object(s) selected and under Adjust Transform there is Reset, you can select both of the Reset buttons. Doing the same thing without losing any data over obj, or rigging for the matter.

It appears WallWorm no longer guarantees to render smoothing properly (its what you are dealing with now) within 3dsmax older than 2014, though from what I have heard it will export the model just fine.

If you want I can import the model into my 3dsmax and save it as a .max, and upload it here for now.

Also your free to ask any additional questions about wallworm at