Problem with workshop and local addon

After the next update of the add-ons Workshop have greater priority than those that are directly uploaded to the server.
For example translation.

How i can fix it?

PS: SOrry for my english.

Where are you directly uploading your files to? Any addons in the addons folder should have higher priority than workshop addons.

Lua > entities.

Before the update was all right.

You’re uploading files in to garrysmod/lua/entities? Use an addon like garrysmod/addons/mycontent/lua/entities instead.

It’s working :smiley:
Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Willox – just came on to ask about this very thing. Example is the Elevator Source gamemode. I have it in a collection that my server mounts, but I also have it in garrysmod/gamemode/… with enhancements and edits. Before the update, the local copy got precedence. Now the mounted copy is. What’s the correct way to deal with this? Should the gamemode be moved out of gamemode into addons? Thanks.

Yeah, just throw it in addons/youraddon/gamemodes. The priority for pretty much every part of the game is:

Legacy addons > Workshop addons > ./garrysmod directory

Ignoring the fact that it’s caused you some issues here, hopefully you’ll find it a little easier to manage your content this way.