Problems after update

Hello guys, I dont know if this problem because of update or not. But Ill try to find some answers. After this update I connected to official Amsterdam server and it worked fine. But I needed to bind one key so I logged off and turned on Rust again. After that I couldnt connect to a server. Sometimes it says “You are already connected!”, but Im not… I tried to connect to other servers and it worked fine. I even reinstalled my Rust and same problem. After that I connected to a London server and did the same thing. And its again. I cant reconnect to this server. Hmm. Maybe someone got a same problem as me? Sorry for my bad English but I really need help. I was preparing whole day to play and this happend. I feel really upset atm and dont know what to do

Not much you can do, it’s a widespread problem and a lot of people are getting it. That’s a good thing tho, hang tight and I’m sure it’s being addressed.

Yeah, ditto. It’s apparently a known issue.

Yep. This is happening to everyone it seems. You can connect to a server, but if you disconnect you can’t connect back to the same server. You can connect to a new server tho, but if you disconnect from the server, the same thing will happen again.
On the server side, it will say you are connected, even when you’re not.

Restarting the server fixes the issue. Great if you own the server, unhelpful if you don’t.

But if you restart the server and a client drops again, the issue will be the same, right? :slight_smile:

I didn’t say it fixed it permanently :slight_smile:

That is True Maximum Over :wink:
But a server with 100+ players would have to restart a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

If only Rust had a QA team to check for these kinds of errors before a release.

The server issue should be fixed now. The servers need to install the latest update and restart. A fix for the issue was released. :slight_smile: