Problems changing my servers map size

Last update my map size was @8000. Now, if i change my batch file to make my server 8000, it never comes up. Anyone else having this issue?

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Wow, no one else is having trouble with this?

It comes up, but it takes a LONG time. I tried to change mine to 5000 and it took over 3 min for the server to restart. Seems restarts in general are much much longer now. Before with a 4000 map size, mine used to restart in about 20 seconds. After the change its now over 1.5 min.

I tried multiple times, and I waited upwards of 15min after I changed the batch file and submited it. Can I see exactly what you put?

Yes - 8000 map size has been having multiple issues for a while now and as far as I know it isn’t fixed yet. Maybe go a smaller map for now…

unless you have a map with tonnes of islands or 50+ players, I see no need to have a map that big in the first place except to try it once and be able to say “Yeah, I had a 64sq km map once”

but you are right about the load times. I went from 4000 to 4500 and even that little jump took twice as long to load up.