Problems Connecting From Same IP, please help

My wife and I bought the game together a couple of days ago on recommendation from a friend. So far we are thoroughly enjoying the game, however… Whenever we try to play at the same time, often her client messes up. She is still in game and connected to the server (certain servers announce when people log on and off) but is unable to interact with anything in the environment. On my machine, it just shows her standing in one spot not doing anything. She must disconnect from the server and then reconnect in order to get a few minutes of playing time before it occurs again. Someone said this was a bug connecting from the same ip, but im having trouble finding anything on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This has been referred to as the ghosting/desync bug and it is pretty prevalent unfortunately. Sorry I don’t have a fix for you, but try searching/Googling for solving ghost/desync.

Thank you.

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She has been playing for about an hour now with no problems, its only when we connect simultaneously. For anyone who cares.