Problems downloading from

I am having issues downloading from, I can start downloads easy enough and even finish ones that are under about 10MB but anything larger then that either times out at some random point or the file seems to think its finished when only a fraction has actually been downloaded.
I know its not the files im trying to download as others have no problems with the ones im trying to download and the point it stops is seemingly random as I can get anything from 10-90% finished before it fails. I can also download much larger files from other sites with no issue, it just seems to be

I will add some of the obvious that yes I am logged in while downloading and have a copy of Garrys Mod on my steam account.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

If you can prove that you’re using a legit copy of gmod than I might help.

Can’t fix your issue but can reupload the files you wanted.