Problems getting CSS materials to show

Ok I have two accounts, an old account that I used that was my bro’s and my new account. And for some reason even if I’m on the same computer I can’t see some CSS models on my NEW account (Big red errors) but if I log into my old account I can see them just fine… What gives?

I tried copying my steamapps/account1/garrysmod folder to my steamapps/account2/garrysmod folder but didnt work… I’m at a loss… Any help? Cheers in advance :slight_smile:

You need css installed on your new account

But i don’t even have it installed on my OLD account lol… I mean I have the old game but…

You need to buy it on your main account for it to work.

You can copy those from gfg or whatever that file extension is, but it is warez.

But how could it be warez I OWN the game he just is being gay and wants his account back… What you mean copy the gcf? I heard you can use gm_mount2 but I can’t figure it out at all

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re saying, but if you don’t own CSS at all then you won’t be able to see any models/materials.

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And you need css on the same steam account as gmod for it to work.

Well, if you have one account with CS:S on it, and one account with GMod on it, you can’t use CS:S models and stuff in GMod.
You COULD mount it with GCFScape, but that’s warez.
So I suppose the only way is to buy both games on the same account.

Its ok nvm I got it I think