Problems in Multiplayer

Hi, i just got a problem with my garrysmod on multiplayer.
I just wonder if anyone else got a similar problem.

Some of my addons does not show up on multiplayer anymore. example. Vehiclepack is gone and a few more.
But a few days ago i had them all.

Now they only show up in Singleplayer mode.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance


It depend on which server you go on. The servers you went on before probably had those addons, but the ones you go on now don’t.

I only start my own servers

Did you add the addons to your server if you did not they will not appear

Lol im not stupid, ive had gmod for a year now or so.
Everything has always worked. Now from yesterday they just started to stop working.
I only have the original vehicles and meny addons is missing (exept for models in Prop menu) All Vehicles, Entitys aso are gone (wheels, trusters addons gone too)

BUT I find all when i go to “brows” in the menu.

Have no idéa what can have couse this.

All i can think of is that i went to a BHOP server then after that i shut gmod off and then went to bed.

Maybe that server made something with my addons