Problems installing addon?

Hi, as the title pretty much says it all… I have a small problems with my dark rp server… Whenever i install a addon and place it into my darkrp addons folder it wont work… Doesnt work with fading doors either. And i really want to know how to install fading doors and css realistic weapon pack properly. Ant help is appreciated! Thanks.

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I know that usually fixing addons is as simple as changing info.txt into addon(s).txt (one or the other, I think it’s addon) but I’ve found that changing the .txt file in the addon you’re adding manually has broken since the last few updates.

I’m not sure if Garry intended to do this because Workshop is now availible, but it’d be nice to get that fixed since lots of old mods that barely have any support now probably won’t have the support left to get onto Workshop.

What do you mean by “they’re not working?” If they don’t show up at all, then yes, in legacy addon format, the info.txt is now addon.txt, but you also have to make sure they actually work. The addons you listed are in the Workshop, and there is no reason to use legacy format unless you want to utilize FastDL.