Problems installing addons

So guys, i hope you can help me.
It’s been a while since i have added things into Gmod.
I’ve got Gmod10, and i have Larry’s weapon pack that looks really awesome.
I successfully got that into the game (if i remember right, it was an auto-installer, so i can’t really take credit for that).
Anyway, i just downloaded the Russian Snow soldiers, and the Rangers and the “Bad guys” from Modern Warfare, but i can’t for the life of me figure out how to get them to show up in gmod.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
So far i’ve got all the guns loaded, but i can’t get any of the ragdolls i’ve tried getting to show up.
Thanks guys.

If it is a folder with an info.txt file, paste folder into the garrysmod/addons directory. If it is just materials and models folders, paste those into just the garrysmod directory.

They can be found ingame by using the browse tab of the prop selection menu.

Thanks for the help.
I got the Russians that came with the info text in the folder, but the other 2 i have still won’t show up.
Any ideas?

If you don’t care about the spawn icons you can always use the Browse… tab in the upper left corner to find them.