Problems Joining My Server

I keep getting the error message “disconnected (reason “Client 19 overflowed reliable channel.”)” whenever I try to join and load into my server after “sending client info”. Anyone have any ideas?

None of that did anything. It appears only me and my Co-Owner are unable to join and receive that error message?

probably an addon giving you too much info on join

But why would it be just me and my Co-Owner unable to join then?

We will never know unless you say what addons you have installed, although my guess is an admin mod.

Simple Car Dealer, AdvJoin&Leave, Angry Hobo Swep, AntiPropKill, ArcBank, Atags, Awarn2, TDMCars, Climb Swep2, ULX, Bank Robbery / Armory, DarkrpModificationMaster,Drugs Mod, Fading Doors, Keypad Crackers, Party System, Precision Tool, Pointshop, Custom Printers, Utime, TextScreens. Any ideas? I dont know which addon could be causing this?

Try removing them all, and one by one, adding them, starting the server and seeing if you can join. The one that was last added before the issue starts is the problem.

Its not any of my addons, I just deleted all of them…why is this happening to me??? I havent been able to join my server in days.

Usually home internet, how far is the server located from you both? If not that reinstall the server. I notice this problem on Linux also.

Its hosted in Atlanta from NFO. Its not my home internet because I can join my other servers I own from the same VDS. Its specifically me and my coowner not able to join 1 server hosted off of my VDS.

I wiped the server, and then it worked and I was able to join. Then the server crashed and now I cant join again. WTF.

I narrowed it down to its something targeting superadmins only. I have to add myself to user before I join the server or it wont let me join :confused: anyone know a script premade that will add a steamid to a certain rank everytime the server restarts or do I have to make one :frowning: