Problems linking resources to stargate devices

I have stargate and lifesupport as well as several other addons installed and whenever i attempt to link to a stargate device, i.e. resource cashe to drone launcher, ZPM to anything i am given the error “conduit destination invalid”. I’m sure i have something installed incorrectly because i can do this on online servers but it is not working on my single player server.


Since when the hell you need to link anything to DroneLauncher? ZPM, just make autolink and put it on the cache/energy cell

since is sb the drone launcher needs to be powered and the autolink does not work

What LS are you using? LS2 or LS3? RD2 or RD3? Having both= BOOM…

thanks, thats what i need to know

Glad I helped :slight_smile:

I am having similar trouble. The ZPM wont link to any systems, the only difference being that the ZPM thinks that LS and RD are not installed. But I do have them installed in svn form and they are working.

did you unzip the LS svn, it downloads as a compressed file. Thats the only thing that i can think.

I’m using life support 3.

o, then i have no idea

I am having the same problem and I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

LS3 is Incompatible with Stargate addon. There is a LUA fix that can be added in to fix the issue, but you will have to search around for it.

Thanks, for some reason when I would google it, I just didn’t use the right phrasing and nothing came up. googleing it with “LS3 stargate lua fix” gave me what I was looking for.

here are two different fixes for this problem.

This one looks like it might do the trick. i have yet to test this one.

This one didn’t work for me but it might work for someone else.