Problems making a custom spawnlist.

I’ve drifted in and out of GMOD and never got comfortable with it in any real capacity anyway.

But I’ve recently downloaded some of those “MEGA PACKS” of such-n-such. But it’s such a mixed bag
i wanted to separate them into their own categories in the Props section…

And i’m having trouble getting the the ragdolls to spawn where they aren’t invisible…and the actual spawn folder to appear.

So I ask, why do these ragdolls spawn invisible? And How can I fix it ?

You must not have the models. Did these packs say any requirements?

Oh it comes with everything needed, models, materials etc.

Unless the models weren’t intended for ragdolls, could that be it?

They might be playerskins, there a way to make those ragdolls?

Hmm… Let me check around the net…

Try searching for “Gmod models into ragdolls”.
Hope that helps.

Well I’m getting the reverse.

Playermodels from Ragdolls

Now i’m really confused

You could look in gmod for the ragdolls and copy & paste their info or whatever.

Hrm the packs are set as NPC also
which I didn’t Notice before.

But I’d still like to know how to make a proper spawnlist, and where everything should be so I don’t have to go into BROWSE

Oh I see… That’s simple:
Go to the prop you want in your spawnlist, right click it, mouse over “Add to Spawnlist” (i think its that), select a spawnlist or go to the very bottom to create a new spawnlist, type the name, find it again, then select “This Icon” or “All These Icons” (yet again I’m not sure if its that) if you want all the objects to go into your spawnlist.

Hope I helped.

Indeed it did, that’s all I wanted Thank you very much!

I’m glad I helped, brotha! :wink: