Problems mounting CSS

My server is really messed up right now because CSS isnt mounting right. I tried downloading it by using app_update 240, but it says no subscription. I even tried logging into my steam account on it, no luck. Please help!

Counter-Strike: Source dedicated server - 232330

There is no “240”

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This is also the wrong section, next time you need something that is not coding related post in Help & Support

Sorry, I didn’t think I should post it in Help and Support because it said “If you have problems PLAYING,”. Thanks, and I’ll make sure I put this in help and support next time :slight_smile:

Actually this is the fitting section.

Okay, I managed to get CSS installed, but I can NOT get it to mount right. I’ve tried pretty much every possible way to direct it to the cstrike files. I’m very confused right now. I’ll post some pictures of what the errors look like.

and this is what my mount.cfg looks like…as you can see I was quite desperate…

Also, before you say anything about how I have it going in an I drive, thats my main drive.

Remove the // before the code…

^ also use the “I:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\cstrike” one, it will most likely work best.
P.s. the // tells the game to ignore anything after it (on the line), It is used for comments.

Oh my god, I feel like an idiot now, thanks a lot man, I’ll try it out.