Problems, need help!

I’m new at modeling and this is my first model I’m going to compile to GMod.

My project is the wing of Flandre Scarlet (from Touhou project) which I’m going to need as a prop for videos and stuff, here it is as seen on 3DS MAX’ render menu. As you can see, the crystals are floating and I think this is part of the problem but I’m not saying it for sure.

Problem #1:

I made everything I needed to compile it for GMod but while exporting to SMD, I noticed this, the crystals didn’t get exported? I tried every option which maked sense but nothing worked.
Problem = Crystals didn’t get exported.

Problem #2:

The compiling with GUIStudioMDL went like I wanted it to, no problems there but here you can see how the “finished” model looks in model viewer, no textures or crystals. VTF and VMT files are where they should be and everything is like it should, I checked this multiple times but it just doesn’t show the texture in model viewer and I think this is related to the problem #1. It looks the same in GMod, invisible stick with a shadow but without the crystals.
Problem = No textures or crystals visible.

Problem #1.5:

I tried fixing the problem #1 by attaching the crystals with the attach-button in the group-menu to the wing but it failed pretty hard, now I couldn’t export even the base of the wing and it exported only the bone. I also tried to attach bones to every crystal but it exported only the bones.
Problem = Nothing got exported with everything attached to each other.

Every single problem is related to those crystals, they are made by grouping a sphere and an editable poly, any ideas how to fix this?

Problem 1:
If you have those crystals jiggling on rope in 3ds max, on reactor rope I mean, it wont export the way you want. best would be:

  1. If you want it to move with physgun: make a bone in middle of that branch. And make 1 bone for each crystal. Then link all crystal bones to main branch bone. Then you will have to do some skin modifier (but this will be hard for you i guess as yous aid new to modelling).

  2. If you want it to jiggle when branch moves: same bones, same skin modifier, but less QC configurations. Just using $jigglebone. but might be advanced for you as well.
    So if those crystals are at ached with that rope or are tied to rope. Don’t think they would even export.

Problem 2:
Most likely crystals didn’t get exported. Also if you just used coloring in 3ds max. It wont export as colors. You have to make materials , .vtf and .vmt’s .
If you did make them and if you did apply them, then please post one of your VMT’s of crystals and that branch.

Problem 1.5:
Remove everything except branch and crystals. On branch => To editable poly and press attach and add all elements from scene. Now you will have one solid model which will export.

Hope I understood you correctly and wrote answers if not please ask and I will answer better if needed.

Seems like the problem was the spheres on the crystals, I converted them to editable polies and attached them to the crystals instead of just grouping, also I had to make new textures too but I think it was worth it.
Here is the semifinished product and I’m kinda proud of myself even if it took 3 days of hard work to make it work.

You really ought to reduce the poly amount on the stick though. Looks like it’s massive.