Problems on linux binaries

Hello. I am encountering problems with my server on linux (linux binaries), ram usage is gradually growing until it takes all available ram, after few hours it is near 2 GB of ram. I think that it is a bit abnormal ram usage of srcds.

Before, friend of mine had a server on a lot lower performance VPS (800MHz 512ram) running under wine and gmod server was actually running better than mine on 2.7GHz of i7 and 2GB ram VPS on linux binaries.

Also my server lags badly after spawning big contraption even if it is made of frozen props! I also had some case-sensitive errors, but i fixed them.

I am considering running my server under wine. So, is it a good idea? I need some opinions from more experienced people.

Linux allways uses as much RAM as it can for caching. That’s perfectly normal. That’s not srcds.
You’ll need a good CPU for a gmod linux server because the linux bins for srcds are more expensive on the cpu than the windows bins.